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Times are changing, business cards and resumes are quickly being made obsolete by the advent of the personal website. No matter who you are, a website can help you reach your audience.

Actors & Artists

Self-promotion is the name of the game when what you’re selling is you. Having a website allows you to showcase your particular talents and ultimately achieve your goals.

Self-Employed Individuals

Give your business credibility by having a website. When you work out of your home, giving potential clients a place where they can see what you have to offer is important.

Brick & Mortar Businesses

The internet is a great way to promote your business, and having a website would provide you with the opportunity for full time, unhindered self promotion.

Special Occasions: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, showers, parties, etc.

Providing a place where your family and friends can find information about your occasion is a great way to get everyone excited. You can easily provide information that is considered “poor etiquette” on an invitation, such as registry information, or dress code. And, after the fact, it is an easy place to share your photos and videos.

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