KateSites strives to unite “everyman” with his perfect website.  We aren’t a huge corporation, cranking out generic websites for millions of people. KateSites is run by a real person, Kate to be precise.

KateSites started with a very small and particular need. Kate’s father, a talented writer and voiceover actor had been making noises about getting his name into the public and thought a website might be a useful tool to have, but he had no idea how to get started. Kate undertook the task of creating one for him. The resulting website was a sleek and sophisticated showcase for her father’s professional accomplishments.

Creating a website that was geared specifically towards one purpose, while maintaining a blissfully simple and straightforward aesthetic, opened Kate’s eyes to a real void in the world of website design and hosting. There exist hundreds of reputable and experienced web design companies. But these companies aren’t geared towards you, they build million-dollar projects for super companies. They speak in html-code and expect you to understand them.

KateSites is the answer to a growing need, websites for people who don’t know the web. For people who realize that in today’s market a web-based presence is essential, but who don’t understand and frankly don’t care to understand how it all works. We get it, and we are here to do it for you.

At KateSites we know the internet is scary, that spending money on something you can’t hold in your hands is a frightening prospect. All we ask is that you take the leap and let us work with you to create something unique and truly special.

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