The Whole Package

What it includes:

  1. Domain Registration: Whether you have a specific name in mind or would like help coming up with one, KateSites will register the perfect domain for your website. Previously unregistered domain names are included in the package, however if the domain needs to be purchased, that cost will be an additional charge.

  2. Website Creation: KateSites will work with you one-on-one via email, chat or telephone to create your website. The initial consultation is free and will be an opportunity for KateSites to gain an understanding of how you envision your website.  KateSites will then go to work creating pages for your review and approval. KateSites will provide you with a temporary domain name where you will be able to see the progress of your site. Once it is complete and you have given final approval, your site will be published to your domain.

  3. Hosting and email for 1 year: Your site will be hosted for 1 year, from the point at which the domain has been registered. KateSites will also activate personalized email accounts ( associated with your website. You may have as many as 8 accounts associated with your website. Mail services will be provided through GoogleApps, which will give you access to everything GoogleApps has to offer: Calendar, GoogleDocs, etc.

What it costs: Starting at $275

Prices start at a fixed $75 for setting up your website and the first year of hosting and email service. Plus the cost of designing and building your website, which can be as low as $200 for a simple site.

What it includes: We are always ready to accept any changes or updates you would like made to the website beyond the creation stage. These can be communicated to KateSites via email or telephone, and based on the scope of work involved, we will give you an estimated time-of-completion. Rush orders can be arranged, but will result in a higher cost to you. 
What it costs: Starting at $45
KateSites makes alterations to your site at a cost of $30/hr, with a minimum of 1.5 hours ($45). KateSites will love you website as if it were our own, but we have personal lives as well. If you need changes or updates made in a rush or outside of regular business hours, we will charge a 50% premium ($45/hr, with the same 1.5 hour minimum).


What it includes: If you already speak html but don’t know the ins and outs of hosting and DNS servers, we give you the option of sending ftp-ready html files for upload, which we will then publish for you. KateSites will handle the hassle and expense of registering, hosting and managing your domain, while giving you the access to publish your own content.

What it costs: $120

This will cover initial set-up costs and hosting and email for 1 year.

Hosting, beyond the 1st year

What it includes: Beyond the first year (“creation year”) KateSites will continue to maintain your website, hosting and email accounts.

What is costs: $60

To be paid at the beginning of each renewal year.

Purchasing a domain

You are welcome to purchase the domain KateSites has registered for your website at any time. Keep in mind that purchasing the domain requires KateSites to transfer it to a hosting service where you have an account and will pay for hosting. This transfer will terminate KateSites’ association with the domain and will erase the website we have created for you. Cost to purchase the domain is as follows:

  1. After 1st year of hosting: $180

  2. After 2nd year of hosting: $120

  3. After 3rd and subsequent years of hosting: $60

KateSites is unable to lease, sell or give away any content that we have created for your website.

You may discontinue services at any time:
Before completion of website: You are responsible for the cost of the setting up the website ($75), as well as an hourly charge for any work completed on the creation of your website, $30/hr (with a minimum of 1.5 hours).
After completion of website: You are responsible for the cost of setting up the website ($75), as well as the agreed upon cost for the website creation.
Hosting: Hosting is a non-refundable yearly charge of $60.
Email: Email accounts associated with a domain cannot continue to operate if the domain is not hosted. If you would prefer not to purchase your domain, but wish to continue using your email accounts, a discounted yearly hosting fee of $40  will be charged at the start of the following year (you won’t be charged an additional $40 on top of the $60 already paid for the year of hosting).
Complete cancellation: If you would like to remove your website, discontinue your email accounts, and not purchase the domain, you may do so at no additional cost. KateSites retains ownership of the domain and reserves the right to use the domain for advertising, and to sell the domain at a later date.

All payments are made securely through PayPal. Details will be provided to you once we have drawn up a contract.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We offer a pre-payment option if you would like to lock in today’s hosting prices.

If there’s something you need or would like, but don’t see here, please give us a call

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