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Will KateSites create a website for me and publish it to a domain that I host?

At this time KateSites only offers website design for domains that we host. If you would like to transfer a domain that is hosted elsewhere to KateSite’s hosting service, this can be arranged. Please refer to your hosting service for details on transferring domain names.

Can I have a blog on my website?

At this time KateSites is unable to support blogs, podcasts or other features that require consistent and/or frequent (daily, weekly, etc) updates.

If I stop using KateSites to host my website, can I have or buy the content of my website?

KateSites cannot lease, sell or give away any content that we have created. However, you retain the right to recreate whatever you like. All of the textual copy that you contributed during the creation phase, as well as any images are still your property and you can use them in any way that you like.

What kinds of features can I have on my website?

KateSites offers unlimited content, graphics and imbedded videos and audio files. At this time KateSites does not support blogs, RSS subscriptions, forums, etc.

What are KateSites cancellation policies?

Our cancellation policies are outlined in detail on our Services page.

How will I pay for the services KateSites provides me?

KateSites is currently accepting payment via PayPal. PayPal allows transfer of funds between two accounts, or allows you to use your credit card to make a payment, all completely securely. Details will be provided once a finalized cost has been agreed upon.

Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions or concerns. If you’re still stumped feel free give us a call or write us an email.

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